Wholesale Palms

Variegated Sabal Mexicana Palm

It's a rare occurrence for a Palm of any kind to Variegate.

Above is a picture of the palm taken in 2007.  Below are photos from 2013.  



'Insence' Puple Passion Vine flower

One of the few in the Passiflora (Passion vine) family to have a pleasant odor AND a gorgeous bloom!

Silver Bismark Palm Variegated

Silver Bismark Variegated.  This tree may grow out of it's variegation.  We'll wait and see. 


Buccaneer Palm

Not necessarily an extremely RARE palm, but very under-used, probably due to it's extremely slow germination AND growth rates.

Phoenix Roebelenii

This specimen was grown as a single trunk palm, then split into 5 different trunks at approximately 7 feet.  It is extremely rare for a Roebelenii palm to do this as it isn't even a naturally clumping tree.

 To request more photos email at GAservices@TampaBay.rr.com 


Caryota gigas

 The Caryota gigas, or Giant Fishtail, could probably be the "official palm" of Wholesale Palms.  It's leaf silhouette against the blue sky is like none other.  This particular frond recently opened a week before the photo was taken.  These palms are NOT easy to come by, and their need for partial shade and sensitivity to frost make them difficult to have in Central Florida.  However, there is much more information about these palms on the web, and much better photos of much older, more mature specimens.

Variegated White Bird of Paradise

This heavily variegated tree looks pretty amazing in both sun or shade.  Its hasn't bloomed yet, but we can only wonder if the White Bird will be the same!